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Family Manuals

New Patient Manual:  ALS Informational Series

This comprehensive informational and resource guide is designed for patients and their families to learn more about ALS, supportive care, and resources.

Download Family Manual

VA Benefits Manual – Tips for Military Veterans, Families and Survivors fighting ALS

This manual is designed for veterans diagnosed with ALS to help families navigate through the complex world of Veterans assistance.

Download VA Benefits Manual

ALS Activity Book:  Helping Children Understand the Puzzle of ALS

This hands-on-tool is a resource for professionals working with children affected by ALS.  It is also designed for families to use together to help children and grandchildren understand the effects of ALS.

Download ALS Activity Book

Loss & Grief Manual

This educational book is designed for grief professionals, patient families and those left behind from ALS to communicate about the various losses caused by ALS.   It has break sections for patients, parents, survivors, and children of varying ages. 

 Download Loss and Grief Manual

Caregivers for Caregivers Manuals: Overcoming Daily ALS Challenges

A series of manuals of real, practical, “life-learned” knowledge related to Overcoming the Daily Challenges of Living with ALS developed by our Caregiver Advisory Board.

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