ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter


The ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter is delighted to announce a new grant program, “Jane’s Angel Fund.” The fund is being sponsored by Mark Calmes in memory and in honor of his wife Jane, who lost her eight year battle with ALS in August 2017. This grant program seeks to reduce the financial burden of ALS for those with the disease and their families. The program will provide financial assistance for expenses that are not traditionally covered by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Additionally, assistance will be provided for certain emergency needs not covered by these and other assistance programs.

This new grant program will help offset the costs associated with medical expenses, home modifications, transportation adaptations, adaptive communication equipment, direct care support, and certain emergency needs. Legal fees are not eligible.

“Jane’s Angel Fund” will offer financial support through reimbursements and/or direct payment to a provider/vendor in some cases.

Applications will be accepted and processed as they are received and awards granted until funds are no longer available each year.  Grants will be awarded four times a year in May, July, September and November through a selection process administered by the Jane’s Angel Fund Committee. First time applicants, as well as those exhibiting dire and/or debilitating personal, psychological, familial, medical, or financial circumstances may be given priority.

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants include all patients registered with the ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter who have an ALS or PLS diagnosis and demonstrate a financial need. Applicants must fill out the entire grant application and return it to The Chapter by the application deadlines outlined below in order to be considered.

Grants are generally made in amounts up to $1000, although exceptions can be made base on the need (please contact Anna Zelinske, (314-432-7257 ext. 237 or This can be a onetime request or funds can be spread out over the grant cycles as long as funds are available each year. Applicants may also apply multiple times per year. The program only reimburses applicants or pays providers/vendors for specific expenses. Please consult the list of eligible and ineligible expenses here before submitting your application.

Also, please be aware the program requires applicants to submit receipts, proof of payment, and/or an official quote from a provider/vendor before we disburse payment to the applicant.

Canceled checks, copies or photos of checks, credit card statements or receipts, bank statements, or insurance explanations of benefits are not acceptable as receipts.