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Welcome to The ALS Store

Your generous donation through any purchase made here will greatly benefit the ALS Association's Saint Louis Regional Chapter. Thank you for your support.

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Lou Gehrig

Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease ALS Awareness Bracelets

The ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter has secured Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease Awareness bracelets. By wearing the red bracelet, you can help build awareness of ALS and show your support of ALS patients, caregivers, and families. It is also a great way to raise additional funds for your Walk to Defeat ALS® team. To purchase a bracelet, please contact us by phone at 314-432-7257, 888-873-8539 or by email. Awareness bracelets are $1 plus shipping and are sold in lots of five.

ALS Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease Bracelet
5 bracelets -- $5.50                                           

10 bracelets -- $11                                                         
50 bracelets -- $54                           

100 bracelets - $105